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Counselling Services for Individuals

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What is Counselling?

Counselling offers a safe, confidential and supportive relationship, where people can explore and talk about what has led them to seek professional help. Counselling involves using therapeutic approaches to help increase someone's resilience, understanding and self-belief whilst identifying and cultivating their inner resources and strengths that may have become depleted by current or past experiences.

The difference between counselling and psychotherapy is mainly about the complexity of the issues a person may have. I blend theories from psychotherapy into the way I provide counselling, in order to help people who may have more complex issues. This means I provide psychotherapeutic counselling.

I collect and love quotes as I find them at times inspirational, encouraging and thought provoking, I like to find the right quote that really means something to me, and helps others when they need it the most. Sometimes clients share with me some of their favourite quotes which has helped them through a difficult time.... below is one such quote which I'd like to share with you....

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step - Lao Tzu

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You've already taken the hardest step by recognising that you need to talk to someone who is professionally trained and qualified as a counsellor. I make myself available and open to engage you in a therapeutic relationship that will be a central factor to our work together. I will view your life holistically and explore with you when it is appropriate, your feelings, thoughts, beliefs and early childhood or personal historical experiences, aiming to develop new capacities within you so you can come to terms with difficult life events, and gain a clearer understanding of yourself and others, make positive changes and move forward in your life.

How can counselling can help me?

You may be feeling vulnerable, angry, or confused about why life feels like it is going wrong for you, or you may be feeling depressed, anxious, or angry because you are overwhelmed by the difficulties you are experiencing.

Talking about these difficulties, whether they are in the past or the present, can really start to help you, and by talking to someone who is trained professionally as a counsellor may start to help you change how you feel, and provide you with a new perspective.

I have helped people from all different walks of life with a variety of problems to come to terms with past issues and experiences, bringing closure to them, or finding resolution to them. Or they have developed more resourceful ways of coping with their current problems or situations.

Counselling can help:

  • Discover new ways of coping, and gain a clearer understanding of how emotions, thoughts and behaviour can be stuck in a pattern
  • Make positive changes and move forward in your life
  • You feel more confident about yourself and become the authentic person that has been hidden within you
  • Increase your resilience by cultivating your inner resources that have become depleted
  • You become unstuck and find more direction in your life
  • You deal with situations in the here and now, by becoming more stronger
  • Change those negative thoughts about yourself into new ways of thinking
  • Provide an opportunity for you to grow and develop whilst learning more about yourself and others around you

How long will it take?:

Every person is unique, as too are the problems they are experiencing. Counselling is client - led, that means the client talks about issues that really matter to them. Therapy can be short term, or long term, this is something we will agree together. Counselling sessions are for 50 minutes, and people usually come once a week.

Let me share another quote with you:

Anything can be achieved in small, deliberate steps. But there are times you need the courage to take a great leap; you can't cross a chasm in two small jumps - David Lloyd George

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I will be there for you and support you through your journey, counselling is not a magical cure it is a process that by working together can help you make the changes you desire in your live. You have a choice right now to choose the path that is right for you, I believe passionately in what I do, I have seen many people I have helped become stronger and more confident in the decisions and choices they make in their lives....

That's why I do what I do.... I will be happy to discuss with you how I can help you....

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What happens next?

You can read more here.

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I'd like to share one more quote with you:

'There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions. Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more successful - Mark Victor Hansen

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There is an abundance of life paths for you to create and follow and it would be a privilege to work with you....

I believe you have the right to choose more resourceful beliefs that are not limiting you in moving forward in your life.

I look forward to meeting you soon....